Real-time social reaction analysis

Watch in real time while contacts share your campaign on Facebook, Like your campaign, and post on Twitter. All data is shown live as it takes place and you can quickly follow up with users on social networks. Easily filter your reports between Twitter & Facebook.

Social Segmenting

Once you send a campaign you will start to have access to a wealth of social reaction data. You can then segment future campaigns based on that data. You could send a campaign to contacts who shared a specific campaign on Twitter. Or maybe you wish to send a campaign to contacts who have not liked any past campaign on Facebook. The data is yours to segment and work with.

Automated Social Reactions

While social media marketing cannot be automated entirely – you can setup automated social reactions. You could subscribe a subscriber to a new list if they Like a campaign on Facebook, send a follow up campaign if they post on Twitter about a campaign, update subscriber fields when they take a specific social action, and more. Automated email marketing with a social twist.

Facebook Subscription Forms

Add a custom subscription form to your Facebook Page with just a few click. We’ve made it even more simpler for you to get your form up and running in a matter of seconds.

Facebook Like Button

Easily include a familiar Facebook Like button within your emails. All “Likes” are included in your reports and can be used to segment or created automated actions.

Social Sharing in Your Emails

Easily add social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and more. Clicks are tracked and results from Facebook & Twitter are tracked.

Social Media Auto-Posting

When sending a campaign you can choose to auto-post the campaign to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

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