Design beautiful emails with ease

Our drag & drop email designer allows anyone to easily add their own content and create their own design without ever having to open a code editor. Adding new content is just a click away. We also connect with all the services you love to use like YouTube, Vimeo, Shopify or even an RSS feed to engage with your contacts in new and exciting ways.

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Add content to your emails

Quickly add your content without any need to know HTML or anything technical. Adding new content is a click away and we connect with all the services you love to use (video services, eCommerce platforms, etc..)

Paragraphs & text

Add any number of paragraphs or content blocks. You have full WYSIWYG capabilities within each block such as bold/italics, links, tables, etc…

Image & gallery

Add single images or full image galleries. Choose from a wide variety of gallery layouts and let us do all the image resizing for you automatically.


Embed videos (from services like Youtube & Vimeo) within your emails. We will automatically do what it takes for it to be email friendly.


Add headers to separate your content. Easily replicate headers or move them by dragging & dropping the headers.


Embed live product data from your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Etsy, etc..) Segment to the most relevant products.

RSS Feeds

Include live content from any RSS feed. This could be blog updates, most recent products, site updates, and more.

Premium email templates

Free designer templates to get you started

Choose from a wide variety of high-end designer templates. We have templates for all genres such as: Travel, General Business, Real Estate, etc…

Create your own templates

Modify one of our designer templates or create your own from scratch. Use any HTML you like and easily add our template language (to your code) so that you can use our powerful email designer with your custom template.

Start with one of our basic templates

Use one of our basic layout templates as a base to work off of & fully customize the HTML and layout as needed. Or just use your own HTML entirely.

Guided template creating that assists you

As you design your template we will alert you of any potential display issues or email guidelines you should be aware of.

Designate your own editable regions

Choose what sections of your email template can be modified. This helps to ensure only changing content can be adjusted.

Full code editor for editing the source

If you want ultimate control over your email you have full source editing to modify the HTML & CSS. Switch back and forth with a single click.

Style your emails with no special coding knowledge needed

Choose from a variety of color themes with every designer template we have. You can also choose to customize the various sections of your email within the email designer. Change the header size/color, format some content, and more.

Themes for every template

Every template includes a number of different color themes. With a single click you can dramatically change the look of the email. You always have the option to fine tune the styles by adjusting colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more.

Adjust colors, fonts, etc…

You have full control over the styles (such as background, font, colors, etc..) for every section of your email. Change the header background, adjust the font type of the main content area, and more.

Change templates at any time

Want to try out a totally new design? Easily change templates at any time without losing any of the email contents you have worked on.

A work-flow designed to save you time

We don’t break your work-flow or your time by forcing you to edit all your content in a sidebar or use gimmicky tactics of dragging/dropping items from the sidebar to add in content. Every action of creating an email campaign has been optimized to save you time.

Mobile friendly/responsive & email client ready

All of our email designs are optimized for mobile device along with all the major email clients. Any templates you manually add are optimized on the fly for you as well.

Photos done right with free image hosting

Upload or drag/drop your photos into your email, edit photos with our built-in photo editor, and more. We automatically resize your photos for your design. Unlimited image hosting is 100% free.

Split testing that is done for you

Test different subject lines and/or email contents to see what gives you the most opens, clicks, and highest ROI. Define any number of variations and let us choose a winner based on a time frame you set.

Personalization overdrive

Personalize your subject & message with your contacts name & other fields. Create conditional content within your emails & embed external data based on your contacts preferences.

Real-time preview for better results

We show how your email will look (to your contacts) as you edit it. You can also preview how your email will look on mobile devices.

Dynamic content embedded in campaigns

Email does not need to be stale. Add content from your eCommerce platform or embed RSS based data directly into your email campaign.

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