Automated auto responders that are easy to setup

Set up any number of email messages to be sent either immediately after a new user subscribes to your mailing list, or after any period of time has passed. This enables you to create entire sequences of email messages that run completely on autopilot.

Instant Auto Responders

Instant auto responders…

These are messages that will be sent to each subscriber immediately upon subscribing to your mailing list. For example, depending on the type of mailing list you have set up, you may want to send each new subscriber a welcome message, a list of frequently asked questions, or a special bonus for signing up.

If you import a list of new contacts into your mailing list, you can choose whether or not you would like that list’s autoresponders to be sent.

Time based auto responders…

Time-based autoresponders are extremely powerful and versatile ways to automate your email marketing campaign. You can set up as many timed messages as you like, and schedule them based on the date and time that a subscriber was added to your email list. For example, you could send a “thank you” note four hours after a new subscription, a bonus three days later, and a special offer after two weeks. You can use timed auto responders to set up e-courses or tutorials, or to walk new contacts through an ongoing sales process.

Autoresponders Report and Statistics

All the reports and statistics you desire…

You’ll also have the ability to use conversion statistics and subscriber feedback to improve your auto responder campaigns. 305Press Email Marketing offers the same comprehensive statistics for autoresponder messages as for normal email campaigns. You can track the effects of your campaigns based on open/read stats, click-through, forwarding or social sharing. This allows you to tweak your messages and timing to maximize results.

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