Marketing automation designed for small businesses

Use drip campaigns to send automatic welcome emails, engage with contacts on their birthdays, send contract reminds, automate sales follow ups, and more. Combined with personalization and dynamic content you can create an entirely automatic sales force without losing that personal touch. It also allows you to focus on the contacts who will drive the best return.

Setup an automated virtual sales force

With campaign events and automations you can have your own virtual sales force. Have personalized campaigns send from your individual sales reps based on where the contact is in your sales life cycle. Your campaigns can also adjust based on whether a contact replied previously or entered a new stage of the cycle.

See it in action

Automate the life cycle of your subscribers

Create automations to move subscribers between lists, send specific follow up campaigns, and update details. Define actions to take place when your contact replies to an email or interacts with any campaign in any way.

Have web content trigger new email campaigns

Put your campaigns on autopilot by having them initiate with dynamic content whenever you update your website or post new content. This is perfect for new product announcements, blog updates, and more.

Automatic importing of contacts

Tired of having to constantly export from your CRM? Have us do the work for you. We can automatically fetch and add new contacts from your favorite CRM’s, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, and more. Best of all it keeps things up to date; add a new contact in your CRM and they’ll automatically show up in 305press.

Dynamic / conditional content in emails

Show different content in your messages depending on your contact’s information and history with your marketing campaigns. Create enticing content based on age, gender, location, past campaign actions, and more.


Use personal details as part of your automations

We can automatically determine your contact’s age, gender, interests, social profiles, and more from their email address alone. This allows you to create powerful automations & segments.

Utilize action & behavior data from your web site & apps

With site & event tracking we connect your existing web site and apps with 305press. Every page visit, every interaction with your apps, any custom events you define, etc.. can easily be logged (and related to contacts) with a single snippet of code. You can then create fully automated campaigns, personalize campaigns, segment your contacts, & more based on that data.

Notification Alerts

Notifications keep you up to date

As contacts move lists & stages within your sales cycle you can notify specific people so they can follow up or take action.

Automatic Cleanup

Automatic contact cleanup

Don’t waste your time with incorrect or outdated contacts. We automatically remove invalid contacts along with fake contacts.

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